Support for Families

Often family members do not know what to do when their or friends or loved ones are struggling with OCD and anxiety issues that, from their perspective, seem easy to resolve. It is also hard to see a friend or loved one become debilitated by their condition. We want to compile a list of resources and support persons that you can turn to as you are trying to help.

First, we would like to give you the knowledge that reassurance alone will never be enough. As you have probably noticed, it doesn’t matter how many times you talk to them, the affect only lasts for a short time and then they are right back to where they started. We call this the “Reset.” This reassurance is temporary – it doesn’t stay.

Second, we encourage you to read our blogs and join our newsletter. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge and understanding you can get, the better off you will be as well as the person you care for. You can learn about the most effective treatments, how they work, how they stick in their minds and how you can use your knowledge to support their success for the long run.

Third, it would be beneficial for you to join one of our groups. Groups are supportive and can provide a safe place where you can share and learn from others who are experiencing similar feelings and challenges. Great comfort can come from talking to others that truly understand how you feel as well as understanding where you are coming from.

Lastly, it may be beneficial for you to attend some of their counseling sessions to see how the processes work and learn ways you can be a help to them and to hold them accountable. It is tough for them to follow through in using the techniques they are learning in treatment; however, there is power in numbers and with your help, their success can actually increase substantially.

Support from family and friends is critical to the successful treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders! If a supportive and caring environment is created outside the therapeutic setting, there is a much better prognosis for long term change.