About Us

Paul J. Peterson, our CEO, started practicing therapy in his first-year internship in August of 2000. His first session was with an individual struggling with OCD. This was the beginning of a flood of experiences that ignited his passion to work with individuals suffering with OCD and anxiety disorders. After conducting over 34,000 sessions and providing treatment one person at a time, he knew this was ineffective if he was truly going to make a difference. The decision was made to build up an army to help in the fight. He began to train and inspire therapists to join him in his efforts. By May 26, 2015, he officially launched The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. The program began with 6 clients a day receiving amazing and life altering treatment and now has over 72 clients a day and is still growing. At the center, you can find amazing therapists who know what they are talking about. Not only are they caring and compassionate, but they are also trained and specialized in providing evidenced based, “gold Standard” treatment to the community.

A special message from Paul Peterson.

“Once you start talking to one of our therapists, you will see how well they understand what you are going through. They know that intense emotions will run through your body when you are afraid, concerned, not sure, or are wondering what if. They know at that same time you have an intrusive thought, that even though it feels so real, the fact that you have that intensity of feelings is the real problem that needs to be addressed and is not the concern that is hijacking your life. That may seem strange because typically a person does not feel something for nothing, right? But have you noticed how you will feel things for nothing frequently? In that moment, that terrible feeling consumes the logical part of your brain, and the only thing that matters is creating certainty. Regardless of how many times you try to resolve those feelings or even listen to what others say, it does not change your mindset. And if you do finally achieve relief, it will only be temporary at best. You will inevitably be triggered again. Something to think

about. If those feelings you experience didn’t happen when the thoughts came into your mind, would you even need help? From our experience working with thousands, likely not! It is all about that feeling. Intense feelings can make us doubt what we should know. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have so much more to share. Please come and let us help you. The tools we can give will help change how you experience that terrible, awful feeling. They can change how you will react in the future each time that “zing” happens. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. Please click here to schedule an assessment with one of our senior specialists today!”